Power Plant to Substitute H2 for CH4

Magnum-Kraftwerk in Eemshaven, © Vattenfall

In the Netherlands, a power plant running on natural gas is said to be converted into a hydrogen facility. In mid-March, Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems announced it would adapt one of Nuon Magnum’s three 440-megawatt combined-cycle units in Eemshaven, in the Groningen region, for hydrogen by 2023. The change in fuel would be part of the ongoing Carbon-Free Gas Power project.

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Once Acta, now Enapter

Sebastian-Justus Schmidt

So far, we’ve closely followed the developments unfolding at Berlin-based fuel cell supplier Heliocentris and the takeover of its locations in Germany (see H2-international, May 2017 and January 2018). We also reported about the comeback of FutureE and the spin-off of Home Power Solutions. And recently, we sat down with Sebastian-Justus Schmidt, owner of Enapter, to find out what happened to Heliocentris’ subsidiary in Tuscany.

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Using renewable hydrogen in direct methanation

Cosyma test container, © Energie 360°

Until 2030, Switzerland’s heat generation from renewable gas is to increase from today’s roughly 1 percent to 30 percent. To achieve greater efficiency in the use of raw gas sources, Zurich-based energy supplier Energie 360° and the PSI – Paul Scherrer Institute have been working on developing a new power-to-gas technology.

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Educating tomorrow’s fuel cell researchers

© University of Birmingham

Fuel cells are highly productive systems for converting energy from hydrogen into electricity. Their conversion efficiency of 50 percent to 60 percent has made them a subject of intense interest among stakeholders in the EU’s current and past research framework programs. However, if there is to be a concrete implementation strategy to introduce zero-emission power generation throughout Europe

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ITM and Shell to build 10 MW electrolyzer

RefhyneWater electrolysis is starting to make inroads into the refinery sector. Shell has revealed plans for the construction of a 10-megawatt electrolyzer at its Wesseling refinery site in Germany. The project, called Refhyne, is supported with EUR 10 million in funds from the EU’s Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking. It will see British manufacturer ITM Power forging ahead with the design of a system

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Riversimple tries crowdfunding

© Riversimple

Riversimple, based in Llandrindod Wells, a Welsh town of 5,000 people, is venturing into uncharted territory. Crowdfunding a new fuel cell car is not the only thing that sets the company apart from its competitors. The small creative powerhouse will also take another route in distribution.

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H2esla from Hoogezand

© Holthausen Group

In late 2017, the Holthausen Group, a Dutch gas supplier based in Hoogezand, east of Groningen, unveiled a Tesla car running on hydrogen instead of battery power. More specifically, the company had replaced the battery in a Tesla Model S, owned by 18-year-old Max Holthausen, with a fuel cell and a hydrogen tank. The upgrade more than doubled the range of the vehicle

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Hydrogenics versus ITM Power

Simon Bourne
Simon Bourne in the ITM container, © ITM Power

Canadian producer Hydrogenics (Nasdqaq: HYGS) and British manufacturer ITM Power (London: ITM) aren’t entirely comparable, but they use similar technologies. There are some commonalities in the form of power-to-gas projects, hydrogen stations and powerful electrolyzers to generate the gas. Their market caps aren’t as far apart as I would expect based on the number and contract value of bookings. Both stocks have experienced severe price drops.

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