New Bremen-based H2 trade fair appealing

Logo HTE-EuropeWith the Hydrogen Technology Conference & Expo, a hydrogen and fuel cell fair has taken place in the city of Bremen for the first time. On October 20th and 21st, around 130 exhibitors seized the opportunity to finally be in the presence of customers and business associates after the long break on account of COVID. The number of participating institutions, however, were not enough to fill the exhibition hall. As a result, the fair gave the appearance of being rather improvised. Stand numbers were missing, a map of the hall was only to be found on the app, and the stands were for the most part small and sparse in terms of presentation material. When asked, the exhibitors said that they were just getting a feel for what the new trade fair could bring.

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The role of ammonia in tomorrow’s energy industry

manufacture Yara Brunsbüttel
Yara, with its production facility in Brunsbüttel, is among the world’s largest ammonia producers

While hydrogen is indeed a versatile energy carrier, the transportation of large quantities over long distances remains a challenge. One solution could be green ammonia as it can be conveyed and stored in a more manageable way than hydrogen.

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