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  1. Dear,
    i am mechatronics engineer i have new idea for production hydrogen by electrolysis method this idea is[ driver circuit for electrolysis cell working by new concept]. can me display my idea to your company?

  2. Dear,i have new idea for production hydrogen by electrolysis method this idea is[ driver circuit for electrolysis cell working by new concept] very high production rate by using this driver circuit. can me display my idea to your company? .thanks

  3. Whilst I have no connection or knowledge of shady, I am of a similar view.

    The biggest Mountain is that people are making plans to Decarbonise central Generation and Grid distribution.

    Ask yourselves the question….If you have a clean sheet of paper, would you decide to build a massive power station and thousands of Kms of Power Lines or have thousands of small efficient, Zero emissions Combined Heat and Power units.

    If you were a consumer would you decide to have a low cost unit which allowed you to produce your own supply hydrogen safely in conjunction with a CHP unit linked with other forms of Renewable Energy appropriate to your location.

    You would be laughed at if you were to say the Big Power station,,,,,,,so why are you not searching out the potential oh Hydrogen on demand and Hydrogen combustion turbine as generator.

    I have HyPulJet a concept for Hydrogen Combustion Internal Steam Turbine as generator, scaleable as the Petrol IC engine I have a MoU with a US firm with a Low voltage H2 production method, 3 x unit sizes 12v 24v & 48v

    The intention is to have a power pack of Hydrogen on demand Flow fuel system with the Hydrogen Turbine generator as a low cost alternative to Fuel Cells.

    Together with an electric motor transaxle, this will retro fit diesel/petrol vehicle to lower costs and save the waste which scrapping perfectly usable vehicles before their end of use or BER

    Cuts the massive costs of infrastructure needed for BEVs and present trajectory for H2 FCEVs

    Sorry you might find other answers such as “Aluminium Air” batteries at prototype level with x 3 range of Li-ion

    My HyPulJet concept is with Berlin Technical University who recently developed Grid sized H2 – O2 with steam injection Turbine.. funding to a project which does not end in a Company with a given number of jobs created does not fit the criteria of EU Funding H2020 I do not need to connect with three countries or such.

    The need is funding for Real Innovation not a Business plan… most direct route to decarbonise Global Transport is a Low cost, mass produced engine which is designed for exceptional long life & Circular economy, with as little need for rare earths as possible.

    Please feel free

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