Hydrogen Republic Germany, Part III

This spring saw the start of the first Hydrogen Republic Germany idea competition, created and funded by the German education ministry. As part of the initiative, a total of EUR 56 million will go to 71 partner organizations involved in 16 basic research projects. Additionally, three industry-led hydrogen flagship ventures named H2Giga, H2Mare and TransHyDe will focus on answering fundamental questions about hydrogen economies, in order to provide a scientific basis for new product developments and application scenarios.

“I want to see Germany become the world’s foremost center of knowledge on green hydrogen. […] The development and global sale of hydrogen technology will present us with a huge opportunity to maintain our competitive edge while fulfilling our commitment to creating a sustainable economy,” said German education minister Anja Karliczek. Stefan Kaufmann, a member of Germany’s parliament and the country’s green hydrogen innovation commissioner, added: “Some of these projects will investigate new electrolysis methods. Some will look for promising ways to establish a climate-friendly chemical industry or improve the design of fuel cells powering heavy-duty trucks. And some will seek new, more precise and faster approaches to identifying suitable locations for green hydrogen production around the world.”

Over 100 additional ideas for hydrogen projects were submitted during the competition’s second round and are now under review. The third round, which has a total budget of EUR 600 million, is still open for applications.

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