H2 Well Launched in Sonneberg

H2wellA new coalition has formed in middle Germany to instigate an era of structural change in the region stretching from northern Franconia in Bavaria to the south of Saxony Anhalt. The goal of “H2 Well – a source of hydrogen and added value along the Main and Elbe river” is to establish a decentralized hydrogen economy in several states. The project is being supported by the science ministry and started with a kickoff event on May 17 in Sonneberg in Thuringia.

As part of WIR! – Innovating Regional Change, the ministry has been backing 32 coalitions to promote creative solutions, sustainable ideas and new opportunities. H2 Well is one outcome of the program. Mark Jentsch, an associate professor at Weimar’s Bauhaus University, which is coordinating the endeavor, said, “H2 Well is not unlike Hypos, although the geographical area and size of our project is much smaller. We see it as an addition to Hypos. We’re currently bringing together leaders from the worlds of business, science and society to devise an innovative road map that we can use in the implementation stage.”



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