Norway in spotlight of f-cell award

Flag_of_NorwayIn 2018, the f-cell show will take place Sept. 18 through 19 at what used to be its longtime location, called Haus der Wirtschaft, a building in downtown Stuttgart, Germany. As in past years, there is going to be an f-cell award ceremony, but both the ceremony and the symposium will look a bit different this time. Baden-Württemberg’s state environment ministry will award two prizes of EUR 10,000 for “innovative collaborations and ideas, from Baden-Württemberg to Norway.” Applicants must show that one of the participating organizations is based in the southern German state and one in the northern European country. The submission deadline is July 27. The award will be presented during the evening event on the first day of the conference.

The show will feature both expert presentations and new networking opportunities, the latter through an f-cell app developed for this purpose. “We’re taking a whole new approach to encouraging attendee interaction,” said Silke Frank, who works for the show’s organizer, Peter Sauber Agentur Messen und Kongresse. There will also be two large rooms for exhibitors interested in an exposition of their products.


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