Werner Tillmetz Retires From ZSW

W. Tillmetz, © ZSW

Professor Werner Tillmetz will step down from his roles as a board member of the German Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Center, or ZSW for short, and the director of its electrochemical energy division this fall. “I’ll turn 63 in September, at which point I’m allowed to retire,” he told H2-international. “Considering the projects that have been underway, from NIP 2 to H2 Mobility, I think the hydrogen and fuel cell community has made good progress over the years and gained many young and bright advocates. Likewise, China and Japan will help turn the technology into a global growth market.” At the time of writing, the tenure and promotion committee had not yet responded to the question about who would replace him.

2 thoughts on “Werner Tillmetz Retires From ZSW

  1. Dear Werner
    Welcome to this very selected club, the renewable world will miss your talent and contribution but I am sure you will enjoy this new life with new projects and adventures.
    All my best wishes . Jean Marc TIXHON

  2. Interesting timing. Cleaning out memorabilia and I came across the lovely signed photo you presented to me of Ballard Bus 1 with the Mk7 Team. Sent it off to all included in the photo for whom I have contact information, and got a response from Don Lines who is still at Ballard! WE had a lunch together with Peter Gibb, Nick Fletcher, and Mark Bradley, whom I am sure you remember.

    Send me an email!

    Kind Regards


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