Linde Ends BeeZero

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In mid-2016, industrial gas supplier Linde took the novel approach of creating a free-floating carshare program that offered only fuel cell vehicles. The corporation founded a subsidiary named Linde Hydrogen Concepts to buy 50 Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell cars, which customers could book via an app and pick up at public parking lots instead of designated rental stations. The goal was to gain insight into fleet performance to advance the development of hydrogen technologies.

After running for exactly two years, the program ended on June 30. There is no word yet on what will happen to the vehicles, although it is said that they will continue racking up miles elsewhere. Both Hyundai and Linde seemed satisfied with the results.

“When we launched our BeeZero project, our aim was to raise the profile of hydrogen vehicles among the public, explore how economically viable it is to manage a whole fleet and see how customers will respond to our offer. We’ve achieved all our objectives, from raising the visibility of hydrogen technologies in transportation to getting fuel cells back into the debate about cleaner engines to demonstrating that the cars are suitable for everyday use,” a spokesperson for Linde said.

1 thought on “Linde Ends BeeZero

  1. How embarrassing is that?
    Since the right subsidies hunters have searched again and found their sources:
    Quote: “Both Hyundai and Linde seemed satisfied with the results. Unquote
    The moment, governmental subsidies expire,
    projects are dropped like hot potatoes.
    We should know that WE ALL raise the handsome state subsidies.
    Whether we like it or not, that does not matter.
    But THAT is nothing unusual about the implementation of hydrogen and fuel cells into the energy world.
    These behaviors belong, so to speak, to everyday life since some decades!
    A pity for all involved!

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