Building Continues in Grenzach-Wyhlen

Constructing the power-to-gas system, © Energiedienst

Construction continues on a new power-to-gas system in Grenzach-Wyhlen, Germany, despite considerable opposition. A citizens’ initiative had tried to remove the site from consideration, but Freiburg’s regional authority approved it in mid-March, as the hydrogen-producing facility met federal pollution standards (see H2-international, March 2017). Nevertheless, there have been calls to verify that, once started up, the system would comply with the noise limits set by law.

“We believe hydrogen will be invaluable to the country’s energy transformation and, particularly, this project in Wyhlen. It is the sole reason why we applied for a building permit, although typically not needed for a plant of this size,” Irene Knauber, head of service and production at Energiedienst Deutschland, said. She added, “Nearly every day, we receive requests from private citizens interested in fuel cell vehicles. This goes on to show that people are increasingly aware of the opportunities that hydrogen can offer. […] Our plan is to bring the system online in the fourth quarter.”



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