Simone Peter elected president of BEE

Simone Peter, © BEE

The BEE, the German Renewable Energy Federation, has a new president, former Green Party co-chair Simone Peter. After stepping down from her party leadership position in January 2018, she was unanimously elected to head the umbrella organization the following month. She replaced Fritz Brickwedde, who had presided over the BEE since October 2013 and resigned for personal reasons.

Peter used to work for Eurosolar and the German Renewable Energies Agency before going into politics. As a member of the Saarland state assembly, she led the state’s environment ministry from 2009 to 2012. She said, “We need to expand renewable power production, establish clear pathways to increase the use of renewable heat and transportation, and further the integration of these sectors. […] In the long run, a minimum nationwide carbon price offers the chance for effective climate protection and cost cuts for consumers, especially if we coordinate its implementation with other countries in Europe.”


The Renewable Energy Federation represents 48 associations and companies, speaking for 30,000 people altogether. As recently as August 2017, Peter Röttgen became the organization’s new CEO, which means that the rebranding and reshaping of the BEE is kicking into high gear.

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