Gasteiger joins Pajarito Powder’s advisory board

Hubert Gasteiger, © Pajarito

Pajarito Powder, a catalyst manufacturer based in Albuquerque, USA, can now draw on Austrian expertise to further its business. Late last October, it announced that Hubert Gasteiger had joined the company’s technical advisory board. Webb Johnson, who also advises Pajarito, told H2-international that the manufacturer had made great progress in designing engineered catalyst support materials and entire catalysts not made from precious metals.

Gasteiger chairs the electrochemical technology division at the Technical University of Munich. He is considered one of the leading experts in electrocatalyst research. He said, “I am very much excited about joining Pajarito Powder’s technical advisory board to assist them in their mission to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles through better electrocatalysis.” Pajarito’s CEO, Thomas J. Stephenson, added that Gasteiger’s joining the board was a remarkable honor for Pajarito Powder and an indication of the importance of his company’s work in reducing the overall cost of fuel cells.


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