January 2017


Global Fuel Cell Market Review

Despite the fuel cell industry’s recent growth spurt, the market still looks like a pyramid. At the top, you will find the stack and system manufacturers which offer commercial products and have a clear understanding of the costs involved and the wishes customers may have. These businesses are either driven by policy, as in Japan, … Read more

China’s Swift and Pragmatic Approach

Taking a look at China these days, one may wonder if we haven’t already found the solution for a sustainable future in hydrogen and fuel cells. During his June business trip to the Land of the Dragon, H2-international’s stock market analyst Sven Jösting took part in the two-day German-Chinese SME Conference in Jieyang as representative … Read more

Green GT Vision to Become Reality

The time may have come to turn a years-old vision into reality: On Aug. 30, 2016, Pininfarina announced that it would use the Green GT powertrain design in its small-batch race car H2 Speed. The Italian car designer, which was bought by the Mahindra conglomerate for USD 28 million last December, had unveiled a concept … Read more

More Windgas, Fewer Climate Troubles

Scientific studies have shown that if we want to succeed in transforming the energy market, our priority needs to be long-term storage solutions and an integration of relevant sectors. One technology with much promise for the future is Windgas. But although P2G remains crucial to Germany’s success in meeting the COP21 targets agreed to in … Read more

High-Pressure Electrolyzer in Pocket Size

Researchers of the Westphalian Energy Institute (WEI) at Gelsenkirchen Bocholt Recklinghausen University of Applied Sciences (WH) have developed a pocket-size PEM unit for water electrolysis. The electrolyzer stack is based on the WEI-invented method of hydraulic compression of individual cells through the use of a patented control system. The process allows for an … Read more

Green Hydrogen from Central Germany

HYPOS has been successful in making the transition from an idea on the drawing board to a big consortium that has sparked a variety of projects. Ten years ago, almost nobody knew of the combined hydrogen expertise in mid-Germany. Now, HYPOS has amassed a network of 116 partners, 75 from business and 41 from the … Read more

Meta-Study: Hydrogen Is Competitive

Renewably sourced hydrogen has recently gained considerable importance in several economic sectors at once. The automotive and fuel industry sees it primarily as a way to power fuel cell vehicles, whereas its main use in the natural gas industry is for grid feed-in. The diversity of applications means that different industries will employ different technological … Read more

PowerPaste for Fuel Cells in Off-Grid Systems

As a secondary energy source, hydrogen has long demonstrated some key benefits. It has a high specific energy, good efficiency and guarantees emission-free use. But market take-up has been slow in many promising areas, often because the available storage solutions have proven too costly or had technological issues. … Read more
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  • March 1st to 3rd, 2017, International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Expo, at Tokyo Big Sight, Japan, www.fcexpo.jp
  • March 1st to 3rd, 2017, European Fuel Cell Car Workshop, EFCW2017 is an output of SMARTCat – a FCH-JU project, in Orleans, France, https://efcw2017.sciencesconf.org
  • March 14th, 2017, Hydrogen & Fuel Cells into the Mainstream, The 13th International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Conference #CCSHFC2017, NEC, Birmingham, United Kingdom, www.climate-change-solutions.co.uk
  • March 15th, 2017, Power-to-X for Europe’s Energy Transition, at Messe Düsseldorf, Germany, www.otti.eu
  • April 24th to 28th, 2017, Hydrogen + Fuel Cells + Batteries Group Exhibit, part of HANNOVER MESSE, in Hannover, Germany, www.h2fc-fair.com

more events



  • AREVA H2Gen GmbH, Maarweg 137, 50825 Cologne, Germany, Phone +49-(0)221-888244-88, Fax -67, www.arevah2gen.com

  • Diamond Lite S.A., Rheineckerstr. 12, PO Box 9, 9425 Thal, Switzerland, Phone +41-(0)71-880020-0, Fax -1, diamondlite@diamondlite.com, www.diamondlite.com

  • Giner, Inc., 89 Rumford Avenue, Newton, Massachusetts 02466, USA, Phone +1-781-529-0500, information@ginerinc.com, www.ginerinc.com

  • Hydrogenics GmbH, Am Wiesenbusch 2, 45966 Gladbeck, Germany, Phone +49-(0)2043-944 141, Fax -6, hydrogensales@hydrogenics.com, www.hydrogenics.com

  • Proton OnSite, 10 Technology Dr, 06492 Wallingford CT, USA, Phone +1-203-678-2000, info@protononsite.com, www.protononsite.com

Energy Storage

  • GKN Powder Metallurgy, GKN Sinter Metals, PO Box 55, Ipsley House, United Kingdom – Redditch B98 0TL, Worcestershire, www.gkn.com/sintermetals

  • Hydrogenious Technologies GmbH, Weidenweg 13, 91058 Erlangen, Germany, Phone +49-(0)9131-12640-220, Fax -29, www.hydrogenious.net

  • MicrobEnergy GmbH, Specialist in Methanisation, Bayernwerk 8, 92421 Schwandorf, Germany, Phone +49-(0)9431-751-400, Fax -5400, info@microbenergy.com, www.viessmann.co.uk

Event Organizers

  • European Fuel Cell Forum, Obgardihalde 2, 6043 Luzern-Adligenswil, Switzerland, Phone +41-4-45865644, Fax 35080622, forum@efcf.com, www.efcf.com
  • Peter Sauber Agentur Messen und Kongresse GmbH, World of Energy Solutions, Wankelstr. 1, 70563 Stuttgart, Germany, Phone +49-711-656960-55, Fax -9055, www.world-of-energy-solutions.de

Fuel Cells

  • FuelCell Energy Solutions GmbH
    , Winterbergstr. 28, 01277 Dresden, Germany, Phone +49-351-2553739-0, Fax -1, www.fces.de, Stationary fuel cells for commercial and industry: CHP solutions, hydrogen production and power storage

  • SerEnergy A/S, Reformed Methanol fuel cell systems for stationary and e-mobility, Lyngvej 8, 9000 Aalborg, Denmark, Phone +45-8880-7040, www.serenergy.com

  • Tropical S.A., 17 Krokeon Str, 10442, Athens, Greece, Phone: +30-(0)210-5785455, Fax: -7, info@tropical.gr, www.tropical.gr

Fueling-Recirculation and Air-Supply

  • Gebr. Becker GmbH, Hölker Feld 29-31, 42279 Wuppertal, Germany, Phone +49-(0)202-697-255, Fax -38255, info@becker-international.com, www.becker-international.com

  • Busch Clean Air S.A., Chemin des Grandes-Vies 54, 2900 Porrentruy, Switzerland, Phone +41 (0)32-46589-60, Fax -79, info@buschcleanair.com, www.buschcleanair.com

Gas Diffusion Layers (GDL)

  • MeliCon GmbH, Metallic Lightweight Construction, Porschestr. 6, 41836 Hückelhoven, Germany, Phone +49 (0)2433-44674-0, Fax -22, www.melicon.de

  • SGL Carbon GmbH, Werner-von-Siemens-Str. 18, 86405 Meitingen, Germany, Phone +48 (0)8271-83-3360, Fax -103360, fuelcellcomponents@sglgroup.com, www.sglgroup.com

Hydrogen Distribution

  • Hydrogenious Technologies GmbH, Weidenweg 13, 91058 Erlangen, Germany, Phone +49-(0)9131-12640-220, Fax -29, www.hydrogenious.net

  • Wystrach GmbH, Industriestraße 60, Germany – 47652 Weeze, Phone +49-(0)2837-9135-0, Fax -30, www.wystrach-gmbh.de

Membrane and Separator

  • FUMATECH BWT GmbH, Carl-Benz-Str. 4, 74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany, Phone +49-(0)7142-3737-900, Fax -999, www.fumatech.com

  • Plansee SE
    , Bipolar Plates, Interconnects and Metal Supported Cells, 6600 Reutte, Austria, Phone +43-(0)5672-600-2422, www.plansee.com


  • German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association
    , Deutscher Wasserstoff- und Brennstoffzellen-Verband e.V. (DWV), Moltkestr. 42, 12203 Berlin, Germany, Phone +49-(0)30-398209946-0, Fax -9, www.dwv-info.de
  • hySOLUTIONS GmbH, Steinstrasse 25, 20095 Hamburg, Germany, Phone +49-(0)40-3288353-2, Fax -8, hysolutions-hamburg.de

  • National Organisation Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (NOW GmbH)
    , Fasanenstr. 5, 10623 Berlin, Germany, Phone +49-(0)30-3116116-15, Fax -99, www.now-gmbh.de


  • WS Reformer GmbH, Dornierstraße 14, 71272 Renningen, Germany, Phone +49-(0)7159-163242, Fax -2738, www.wsreformer.com

Research & Development

  • Fraunhofer ICT-IMM, Reformer and Heat Exchanger, Carl-Zeiss-Str. 18-20, 55129 Mainz, Germany, Phone +49-(0)6131-9900, info@imm.fraunhofer.de, www.imm.fraunhofer.de

  • Fraunhofer ISE
    , Heidenhofstrasse 2, 79110 Freiburg, Germany, Phone +49-(0)761-4588-5208, Fax -9202, www.h2-ise.de


  • Anleg GmbH, Advanced Technology, Am Schornacker 59, 46485 Wesel, Germany, Phone 0281-206526-0, Fax -29, www.anleg-gmbh.de/
  • Borit NV, Bipolar plates and interconnects, Lammerdries 18e, 2440 Geel, Belgium, Phone +32-(0)14-25090-0, Fax -9, contact@borit.be, www.borit.be
  • ElectroChem Inc., 400 W Cummings Park, Woburn, MA 01801, USA, Phone +1-781-9385300, www.fuelcell.com

  • HIAT gGmbH, Schwerin, Germany, CCMs / MEAs / GDEs for PEFC, DMFC & PEM-Electrolysis, www.hiat.de

  • Kerafol Keramische Folien GmbH, Koppe-Platz 1, 92676 Eschenbach, Germany, Phone +49-(0)9645-884-30, Fax -90, www.kerafol.com

  • WEKA AG, Schuerlistr. 8, 8344 Baeretswil, Switzerland, Phone +41-(0)43-833434-3, Fax -9, info@weka-ag.ch, www.weka-ag.ch

System Integration

  • Areva GmbH
    , Paul-Gossen-Str. 100, 91052 Erlangen, Germany, Contact: Mrs. Gemmer-Berkbilek, Phone +49-(0)9131-90095221, www.areva.de


  • Deutsche Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR) / German Aerospace Center
    , Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics Energy System Integration, Pfaffenwaldring 38-40, 70569 Stuttgart, Germany, Phone +49-(0)711-6862-672, Fax -747, www.dlr.de

  • FLEXIVA automation & Robotik GmbH
    , Power Electronics – Hybrid Energy System Solutions, Weißbacher Str. 3, 09439 Amtsberg, Germany, Phone +49-(0)37209-671-0, Fax -30, www.flexiva.eu




  • Bürkert Werke GmbH, Mass Flow Controllers, Christian-Bürkert-Str. 13-17, 74653 Ingelfingen, Germany, Phone +49-(0)7940-10-0, Fax -91204, www.burkert.com

  • OMB Saleri SpA, Via Rose di Sotto 38/c – 25126 Brescia, Italy, hydrogen@omb-saleri.it, www.omb-saleri.it

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Discounts and free tickets


February 7th to 9th, 2017, E-world, in Essen, Germany
Free Tickets for the Trade Show. Use this code for registration: Hydro-EW17 – www.e-world-essen.com


February 14th to 16th, 2017, Fuel Cells for Stationary Applications, in San Francisco, USA
15% Discount for all readers. Use this code for registration: H2IBAT2 – www.knowledgefoundation.com


March 14th to 16th, 2017, Energy Storage, in Düsseldorf, Germany
10% Discount for the conference. Use this code for registration: 000003ivt74k – www.energy-storage-online.com
Free Tickets for the trade show for all days. Use this code for registration: 00001397j5sv – www.energy-storage-online.com

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7th International Conference on Fundamentals & Development of Fuel Cells (FDFC)

January 30 – February 3, 2017, in Stuttgart, Germany

The DLR Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics will host the the 7th FDFC.

Main topics will be:

  • fuel cells & electrolysers – from fundamentals of electrochemistry to systems operation
  • recent advances in materials, single cells, stacks and system development as well as fuel cell diagnosis, power processing and control and characterization of MEA.
  • at a larger scale: hydrogen production and storage for different applications, the role & the potential impact of fuel cells and hydrogen on grid operation and cities.

Registration: DLR-FDFC.meetingmasters.de
Contact: Sabine Winterfeld, DLR, sabine.winterfeld@dlr.de


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