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September 2019 – With Oceanwings to the Olympic Games


August 2019 – Drones with fuel cells and small aircrafts with hydrogen

July 2019 – New players in the fuel cell sector

June 2019 – Hydrogen is the key

May 2019 – Hydrogen takes the prize

April 2019 – Fuel Cell Market: More Dynamism, More Momentum

March 2019 – Wind Power Boosts Hydrogen Transportation

February 2019 – Radically New Marine Propulsion

January 2019 – Good and Bad News from the Hydrogen Sector

December 2018 – Water Splitting Is Ready for the Mass Market

November 2018 – Fuel Cells and Batteries to Replace Diesel

October 2018 – Is That the Turnaround on the Horizon?

September 2018 – How Feasible Is a Zero-Carbon Steel Industry?

August 2018 – Where to go from here? The potential is there.

July 2018 – Rising oil prices to boost fuel cell market

June 2018 – Newfound optimism

May 2018 – Hyundai’s new charm offensive in Germany

April 2018 – Hannover Messe remodels Energy show

March 2018 – Reinventing transportation can’t be that hard

February 2018 – New optimism in the hydrogen and fuel cell industry

January 2018 – Megatrend looming after 15 years of getting by