e-Journal October 2019

2 Legal Notice


3 Editorial

4 News
Bonhoff switches to politics
Chemnitz becomes H2-Centre
Fire at an H2 station in Norway
BDR wants to install 400 H2 boilers

8 Trade shows
f-cell with 24-hour rally

8 Politik
A master plan for a hydrogen economy
Minister of Economics announces H2 strategy
Austria as hydrogen nation No. 1
Comment by Prof. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker
Heated debate concerning the CO2 price
Untersteller-interview: “We’re still in shock.”
Green hydrogen for low-emission refineries

16 Energy storage
Potentials of a future energy system
Lignite versus H2 power plant
HyFab – FC Research Factory in Ulm

28 Electromobility
FC cars pay off in the long term
Where does electro-mobility stand?
H2ME – Europe takes stock of progress
New call for FC forklifts
Much French hydrogen on the EVS32

40 Research & Development
Automatic production line for PEM stacks
Modular stack design for high-pressure PEM electrolysis

48 Stock market

52 Global market
Field report of an hydrogen fuel cell car driver
California to eliminate emissions
Iceland – From pioneer to laggard

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54 Events

55 Business directory