Avoid rebound effects

Today, we’re feeling the effects of what we did or allowed in the past. Not just with the energy and climate crisis but also in daily life. Whoever earlier installed a private PV system or heat pump may be enjoying the present, since they do not have to worry about staggering increases to their electric/gas … Read more

Shock from Hyzon Motors

The figures for the second quarter should be published August 15, 2022 at the latest, but Hyzon surprisingly reported that certain sales in China were not followed through in time to be able to be booked (“revenue recognition in China”) and that there are “operational inefficiencies” at Hyzon Motors Europe B.V., the subsidiary in Holland. … Read more

Hydrogen startups

Startups in the hydrogen and fuel cell industry, such as Enapter, Lhyfe and Clean Logistics, have received fresh equity via the stock exchange to implement their business plans and to evolve robust company stories from mere visions. The stock exchange is indeed also the right place to spread the investment risk over many shoulders (institutional … Read more

Nikola Motors – Successful vote secures funding

Nikola Motors is on the right track. Various test trials of the Tre BEV battery-electric models are running successfully with customers like TTSI, Tiyaji Brothers (for Anheuser-Busch), Univar, Road One (for IKEA) and Covenant (for Walmart). So far, everything with 94 percent manufacturing capacity utilization. In the second quarter, 15 Trev BEVs were produced and … Read more

Siemens Energy – Share price development anticipates the future

The integration of Siemens Gamesa will not be a quick job. The attributable losses will still burden the results of parent company Siemens Energy for several quarters. That is, until the results of the reorganization, the pooling of purchasing power (cost reduction potential) and other measures are reflected in better figures, according to our analysis. … Read more

Plug Power – Many positive effects

Plug Power sees enormous potential for the company arising from the Inflation Reduction Act, as it benefits in a variety of ways from it. These are research grants, tax incentives, subsidies for hydrogen, or tax support for new production facilities in the US (manufacturing tax credits). At the end of the second quarter, Plug remained … Read more