Hydrogen Test Facility in Kleinburgwedel


JA-Gastechnology, based in the German state of Lower Saxony, is planning to open a hydrogen testing lab this spring. The company’s founder, Jens Asmuth, decided it was time to branch out beyond the core business of calibrating emissions testing equipment and focus more on alternative fuel engines. Construction started last summer. It was said that the facility would house a pressure and an environmental test chamber to determine the mechanical strength, exhaust gas behavior and lifetime of tanks and analyze valves and sensors.

The nearly 80-strong staff business would also offer training courses and construct tanks themselves, while an electrolyzer would be added to produce renewable hydrogen on-site. One benefit of the busy schedule is the fueling station JA-Gastechnology aims to build at its headquarters in Kleinburgwedel’s industrial area. It would be used to test tanks and fill up the company-owned Toyota Mirai, saving employees a trip to the fueling site in Wolfsburg. The lab would come online in early April to mark the start of this year’s Industriemesse show in nearby Hanover.


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