Elcore Business Continues

Following Elcore’s acquisition by Freudenberg, many former business partners didn’t know what would happen to the fuel cell heaters manufactured by the company. Manfred Stefener, formerly Elcore’s chief executive and now the head of its 40-staff office in Munich, told H2-international that Elcore would continue selling 2400 Plus devices as well as support existing installations. One of the only changes had been the logo, which now showed the symbol of the new owner, Weinheim-based company Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, one of the largest business units of the Freudenberg Group. It had acquired Elcore and Elcomax early this year and customers had already been informed of the situation, he said. On elcore.fst.com, a website put together for the new venture, a statement reads, “Fuel cells will play a key role in transforming the market and ensure sustainable and future-proof energy generation.”

Freudenberg is a family-owned company in its eighth generation. It mainly produces seals, filters, humidifiers and lubricants. To make it into the ninth, the business based in the German state of Baden-Württemberg has spent considerable time on researching innovative technologies. It started work on fuel cells in 1996.

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