Viessmann Offers Fuel Cell Retrofit

VitovalorIn April, Viessmann, a family-owned business based in Allendorf, Germany, started selling two new and improved generations of Vitovalor systems. PT2 is a whole-home solution for single-family and duplex houses. The space-saving unit has two components, a gas condensing boiler, integrated with a fuel cell, and a 220-liter tank, both with a matching height of 1.8 meters, or 5.9 feet. The boiler capacity ranges from 11.4 to 30.8 kilowatts. The unit has a minimum service life of 80,000 hours and requires maintenance only every five years.

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Umwelt Arena Shows the Way to a Future Energy System

Schmid in front of his house, © Umweltarena

A completely energy-independent home: a vision that some customers feel has so far not been easy to implement. What could change their opinion is the world’s first-ever off-grid multifamily property in Brütten, near Zurich in Switzerland. Since 2016, it has provided tenants with on-site gas and electricity, for both apartments and vehicles.

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Massive Support for Residential Systems

© RaumPlan Aachen

A planned eco-friendly residential development in Bedburg near Cologne will see the installation of fuel cells to meet residents’ heating needs. In a collaborative project between the city, energy corporation RWE Power and manufacturer Viessmann, eight homes in Bedburg’s Königshoven district will be equipped with state-of-the-art heating units.

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