Blue Hamster Comes Back to Life

Frank Duhlies, the formerly managing director of Mossau Energy based in Aurich, Germany, has already had hands-on experience with small solar-hydrogen units based on his involvement in the design of Blue Hamster, a blue-color hydrogen generator Mossau unveiled at Hannover Messe in 2013 (see July 2013 issue of HZwei). A demonstration system with a 100-kilowatt solar unit, a 41-kilowatt-hour battery, a 2.3-kilowatt electrolyzer, a 20-cubic-meter H2 pressure vessel and a 2.5-kilowatt fuel cell went online in 2014 at Klar Folien in Dernbach. Mossau, however, had to close down in late 2015 (see Blue Hamster Falls into Deep Slumber), since the then-81-year-old founder, Günter Mossau, had not found a successor or investor to take over the business. Now, Duhlies and Hilmer Heineke are in the process of setting up their own company, H5 Energy, in Oldenburg to try and reanimate Blue Hamster.

Duhlies told the e-journal H2-international that the Klar Folien system, which had never been intended to run only for a short testing period, was still in regular operation. He also explained that system design was being reworked and the unit would have added functions soon, for example, its own energy manager, a weather app and a notification system for maintenance intervals. Additionally, it would be certified as an uninterruptible power supply unit (UPS). Designed as a stand-alone system guaranteeing full control over heat and power generation, it could also be used as a hydrogen refueling station, an electric car charging point or as one of the components of a decentralized energy cluster. The system could already be ordered, Frank Duhlies said, although it would be delivered no earlier than this fall. The base price would be in the five digits and would increase depending on the additional equipment bought.


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  1. I was visiting Mossau Energy in Aurich, Germany,
    (yes, I also go to German sites…)
    some years ago, after they successfully exhibited at the Hannover Fair.
    I was most impressed with the professional installation and with the personal dedication behind it all. One will not work without the other.
    I hope, they shall do well in future, although I prefer household-sizer
    rather than industrial. See here, why and how:


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